Monday, September 16, 2013

On friends...

Last week was a doozy.  On Monday morning life was proceeding as usual.  Graham got dropped off at daycare, Henry at school and I was at work.  I got a text from Graham's babysitter mid morning that she was too stressed and felt that what patience she had left needed to be used on her son.  My stomach fell out of my body it felt like and I couldn't get there to get Graham soon enough.  I knew the instant that I left that I couldn't bring Graham back there ever again.  I am relieved that she notified me that she was too stressed to take care of my baby but in the same way I was very peeved that she agreed to take a position that she could not uphold.  It makes for a great story and one that I can't wait to tell Graham, how he got kicked out of daycare after being there just 3 short weeks.

On went my daycare search Monday morning...I interviewed three different people in hopes of getting a daycare for Graham worked out for this week.  I vowed to not settle on just any one person and put him where I truly felt he belonged.  During my search I reached out to my vast group of friend women and by the end of the week I had probably called 20 people.   The feeling of friendship that I had last week could not be measured.  I am proud to be in a community of women where they aren't afraid to reach out to friends in order to help another friend out.  I felt very rich in life last week when I knew that the situation was very poor.  We got it worked out and Graham started in his new place today.  I couldn't have picked a better fit for him and it was all because of the extra mile a friend went to help me out.  I can never repay in thank yous, sewn keychains, or gift cards what friends mean to me.  Seriously. 

And while we are on friends...I had my bestie Michelle for 20 some years come hang out on Friday.  She lives in Nashville but our time together never skips a beat.  She makes me laugh like no other and I miss having her so close.  I need more laughter in my life and she always delivers.  I am glad for the time I had to hang out with her even if it was just for a night and with my other bestie Stace.  My close friends power me through the shitty times and the best of times.  I am so blessed.

Now, I feel like I need to seal this with a super cheesy Lisa Frank sticker that says something about friendship. 

Here this one will work.  Friendship POWER!