Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pagosa Trip

Great Grandma Elsie Bellendir in Sterling CO. She is a great lady!!

Just a funny picture. We obviously weren't ready for the camera.

Henry with his cousins Kellan and Anna

Some beautiful pictures from Erin's mountain climb

We just got home from a week long vacation in Pagosa Springs, CO. It was just gorgeous weather and the sites were equally as beautiful as the weather. We went to celebrate Gary and Linda's 40th wedding anniversary and several other family birthdays. Erin's brothers and his sister and families were able to make it back. It was really nice to see everyone...we hadn't all been together since our wedding (almost 3 years).
While we were there we went to the lake a couple of times and went boating/skiing/wake boarding, the guys went golfing and then a bunch of the adults and Andrew went and climbed a 14,000 foot mountain! So Erin has officially climbed his first mountain! He said he was out of breath in the first 10 minutes. There are certainly some pretty pictures...maybe when Henry gets a little older I can tag along and be out of breath in 2 minutes!
We both start back to work tomorrow and Henry gets to go to Angie's for daycare. I think that I will be a little sad when I have to drop him off there in the morning. He will be juuusssttt fine...he is doing really good and was a good little baby on the trip. 14 hours in a car seat can't be fun.

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Papa LEW said...

Great pictures! I would caption the one with Henry under the waterfall...

"Hey...Will you two quit posing for the camera...I think I see a Griz' over there."