Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Wirth Christmas

Oh yes, Kaitlyn, I LOVE my new watch!!

Finally, a girly calendar for Damon. He is jealous every time that he comes to Erin's garage and sees Erin's girl calendars. I was careful not to get too big of one, I didn't want to make Katherine mad.

Erin's new tackle box.

Katherine was most excited for Christmas out of all of us. I swear, she has more fun than most kids do!!

Boo! Coming to a bank near you. Watch out!

Drum Head. I had more fun playing it on his head. Eventually he will come to like the drum again.

Oh, yes stretch those legs. Morning yoga with Katherine.

Grandpa and Henry

Oh Yea, lots of toys for Henry. He still prefers paper, spoons, the phone and the remote.

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