Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funny Henry

So, we decided this week to break Henry of his paci and so far so good. On Saturday night, I clipped his tip of his paci off and it seems to have worked. He put it in his mouth, sucked a little bit and took it out and looked at it like, "What the hell?" and he hasn't used it since. For his lack of sucking, he has been a little mischevious in the bedroom when it comes to nap time. One day it was books piled on his bed while he was napping, the next day it was all of his stuffed animals with him perched on top and yesterday it was all of his clothes out of his drawers. Not really sure what the deal is with that but it is pretty amusing. Today I went in there and he was running around his room in his fire boots. I said, "Henry, get those boots off and get back in bed" and he looked at me with these uh-oh eyes and did what I asked. He certainly has his funny moments and knows it. He says "Henrrryyyy Fuuuunnnnnyyy". I am glad that I have someone to entertain me during the day. There is never a dull moment.

We are getting excited for a little time away from the Capitol City coming up. We are headed out to Colorado next weekend for a Bellendir Family reunion. There will be plenty of Erin's family there and the fabulous Polka Nuts you may remember from our wedding. Should be a good time. We have been practicing up on the Chicken Dance with Henry and he should have it down by next week for sure.

I have Farmer's Market this weekend and am definitely ready to get out and mingle with the public. I feel so accomplished (usually) when I leave the Farmers Market after selling some of my stuff. Even if I don't sell a ton, it is nice to hear compliments.

Happy Father's Day too to my favorite Dad's. Especially my Dad. What a great Dad to me and an awesome Papa too. Henry and Julia are blessed to have you.

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