Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yup. Still here.

Our Fourth of July was pretty uneventful as per usual. I don't remember the 4th being anything too fabulous to write home about. Okay, there was the time when I first started dating Erin and he came to Lincoln for the first time on July 4th and we went and watched the crackers on a building rooftop downtown. Since then, it has just been ehhh...alright. It doesn't help matters that Henry was completely terrified of the firecrackers this year. We went to Damon's on Friday night for a little bbq and crackers and Henry was sitting there coloring with some sidewalk chalk and Damon lit off a artillery shell without any warning to the poor little guy. So we stayed inside all night long after that.

We were able to make it to a fireworks show on the 4th. We went to Seward (the 4th of July city) and were disappointed by the display they had. Little ol' Hickman, Nebraska puts on a better show than them. Henry didn't care for them too much having Erin cover his ears the entire half hour show. Julia was a little scared by them too.

Life with two is crazy busy. At first, I thought that it was going to be fine but as I have found out, I have NO time for anything. I do laundry, do diapers, do feedings, do baths and go on the mandatory walk during the week days. That is pretty much all I get done during the days with the exception of one or two errands throughout the week after Erin gets home. I sometimes don't even feel like I get the proper amount of time to spend outside just playing with Henry.

I have the most love for my babies and wouldn't boot them out the door for any extra spare time. Okay, maybe to Grandma's house sometime.

Julia is beginning to sleep later and later through the night. It is real nice. I am betting that she is sleeping through at 2 months. I can't wait. Today she is 6 weeks old. This time has gone so fast for me. So fast that I was able to request another 4 weeks off of work! I am really excited about this. Hopefully it will give me time to get birth announcements out and get some more inventory made for Owl People.

I have been able to do a couple Farmer's Markets this summer. I did it yesterday and had good results. My next Farmers Market is July 25th. I love being able to get out and see people and hear what people have to say about my goodies. One woman asked me if I did wholesale orders because she would be intersted in 50-100 of my coffee sleeves. I could go for that.

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You guys are such a be-yoo-ti-ful family!