Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I did that yesterday.

So I see this blog as sort of a journal slash memory book in the making. I think about my past often and really wish that I would have been better at capturing moments in writing. It is a lost art. While I don't "write" letters or "write" in a journal, I feel like this blog allows me to keep it old school and hopefully someone will appreciate my "typing" someday.

I have been more and more out of touch with the blog since Julia came along. I really miss the time of coming up and spilling it about the exciting times in our life. Blame it on being busy with the two kids or being too tired to give the effort or whatever. Also since Juila has come along I have been experiencing a little of the post-partum blues. Most of my issues stemmed from some digestive issues I have been having, which are being resolved but also just the stress of getting three bodies fed, dressed, diapers changed, carted to appointments, played with and put to bed. I honestly don't know how single moms do it. Shout out to you Anna. I never thought I would be the type to worry incessantly or panic at the sight of a messy living room. I am dealing with my issues and am starting to feel much better. Thank you Lexapro and Dr. McFeely.

During all of this crap though, I have honestly loved and adored on my children. I think Henry is one of the funniest little guys around and Julia hardly has a crabby moment. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face in the morning when I go and wake her up. She is so vocal and happy I don't know how a baby can be so perfect. Henry keeps the house interesting with his constant "excuses". When he gets into trouble or doesn't want to do something we ask him to, he pulls out:
I'm poopy
I'm itchy
I'm chilly (yeah, chilly?, what two year old says that?)
Don't like it
My body hurts
My shirt's wet
My pants are wet
I need a paper towel
And the all time new excuse..."I did that yesterday" or "I had that yesterday" or "I don't want to go nigh nigh, I did that yesterday."

Erin shot his deer for the year. I don't have the camera up here or else I would upload some pictures. They are pretty classic. Dad, his boy and the gutted deer in the garage with the picture of the naughty girl in the swimsuit behind them. We now have two deer's worth of meat in our freezer. Erin is still trying to find someone that can fix his Grandpa's meat grinder so he can make some sausages.

We have been having some nice adult time going out and such. Seems like we have actually had a babysitter to help us out when we need it. One weekend was my friend Stacey's birthday, went out for dinner and drinks. Stace and I haven't actually been out for drinks in literally 3 years. If I haven't been pregnant, she has. We have been out, just not the boozing kind of going out. So that was fun. We have been to a couple Husker tailgates this year with Damon and Anna. Crashed some poor couple's wedding one weekend (whoops) and went to a South African wine tasting event. Oh the life and times of Erin and Kaitlyn Bright. I'm glad that I have a fun husband to do it all with. Craziness and all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dear, Always fun to read your blog. You'll be happy you recorded the life and times of Kaitlyn, Erin, Henry, and Julia. Too fun and too cute. Love you, Linda