Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sugar Cookie Fiasco

Is is so much to wish and hope that you can make a sugar cookie like the yummy Loft House cookies in the grocery store? I certainly don't think so. I have been looking forward to eating and making sugar cookies since Aunt Heather sent Erin some homemade cookies two years ago. Every time that I get on Facebook, someone has uploaded pictures of their beautifully yummy and decorated sugar cookies. Jealous!

So today I set out on my mission. One hour after the cookies were made, they were gone. You may be thinking that they were gone because they were so delicious and everyone snatched them into their bellies. No, I threw them away. I hated rolling them. I hated using cookie cutters. I hated flour. I hated the oven. I hated the taste of my cardboard nasty cookies. I hated the powdered sugar frosting. AND I hated decorating them. I will never ever make another sugar cookie in my life. Loft House here I come.

You ruined my day sugar cookie.

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Mom said...

Cheer Up!
Like Mother, like Daughter. If you recall you didn't have many sugar cookies growing up, except at Valetines day. I'm still waiting for the best recipe to come around!