Sunday, January 17, 2010

Proud Blog...How about a giveaway?

So in celebration of my newly revamped blog (thanks Erin for the gift), I am going to do a little giveaway for all of my lovely readers...

I am in the process of making a few growth charts for some people and hey, what's one more??

So in order for you to win, leave me a comment telling me how much you LOVE my new blog re-design or just telling me how much you LOOVE reading my outstanding posts and I will whip up one customized charts for my winner.

I am sure you all have a cute little kid that would like a customized growth chart for their room right????

7 tidbits of your thoughts:

Anna Ridley said...

I LLOOOVE your new blog re-design. What a nice husband. Your old one was swell too! You crack me up all the time and I love to look at all the pics of your super cute family! Hope I win! You make the bestest stuff!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the new design- and love the name too- "the Bright Life." Classy. I have enjoyed reading your blog- especially your list of items you love and hate for moms. You know how much I love your stuff, so pick me, pick me. :)
Jana Hawkins

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn, I smile everytime I see your posts, comments and pics. It's crazy to think how grown up you are. You have a beautiful babies, a priceless sense of humor and the greatest handmade items. I've yet to purchase any, no babies at my house yet, but am waiting for an opportunity to buy some for gifts. Your new blogspot is awesome and I would love to win a freebie! Who doesn't?
Keep up the good work!
Amy Dixon

Anonymous said...

Hey Kaitlyn~ I have to admit that because of your bolg I have been thinking that I should start one!! I love the new look... and hearing all the stories about your kids! They seem yo have your great sense of humor! :)
Thanks for the laughs Kylee Schmidt

Anna said...

I really like the new layout - I don't know why but the "don't steal our faces" line made me laugh outloud. Elliot gave me a weird look.

Speaking of - if I won this giveaway I'd finally know how tall he is! :o)

Crystal & Craig said...

So, you already know I'm a faithful reader of the Bright Life. I also really love the new design...very "bright" and cheery! If I won, it would totally complete the nursery ensemble you're creating for me. Oh, and a bonus for you since we're Team Green, you wouldn't be able to make it until late April!

Anonymous said...

I really like you and your blog. I read it ALL THE TIME. Please put me in your drarring for a growth chart for our new baby. My wife will think is is the coolest!

J Roach--- Bright Life's #1 Fan!!!