Monday, March 1, 2010

A Momma's Getaway

Fun. Fun. and MORE FUN! Last weekend was the first Annual (or Bi-Annual) "Get the Craft out of YO House" party arranged and hosted by non other than me. I organized a group of gals to get together and craft all day and night at a local B&B. The Rogers House B&B was a perfect place for this. The house was beautiful, non-victorian, clean, spacious and even came equipped with a creepy looking inn-keeper. The girls that came were all over the spectrum from non-crafty to super crafty. Julie taught Stacey how to Crochet, me and Sarah sewed, Kelly serged and made me think that I NEED a serger now, Leslie and Joanne made floral arrangements, Stacey modge-podged, Kelly cut patterns, Lisa relaxed, Janelle, Emily and Jodi scrapbooked, Rachel cross-stitched, we all chatted and snacked plenty. This Momma would have drank more but the ol' belly was aching from all of the junk that I ate. It's strange being 28. I never thought I would be sober and sewing on a Saturday night girls getaway. My my, how times change.
I made these for my sweet Julia from this pattern and this pattern.
Some headbands that I made...Joanne hitting the booze in the back.
Emily working the Big Kick and Sarah mastering an oven mitt

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Dan & Emily B. said...

wahoooo!! what an AWESOME day!!! i had such a great time. you were such a good planner and host :) thanks again for a wonderful time!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

those little dresses turned out GREAT! Good work mamma!
Sarah M