Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bunnies and A CRAP Load of Candy

We are baaack, we survived yet another Easter and Grandma Pegs house. It was so much fun! I tell you what...this woman deserves some sort of award for her "doings and givings." Between caring for my Grandpa who just had his new pacemaker put in, caring for my Dad as he was getting off of chemo, to being a good Granny to Henry and Julia, fixing all the food for the weekend AND prepping for two easter egg hunts, I don't know how she is not completely wiped out (she probably is). So here's to you Mom, thanks for making Easter so special for us big kids and the little kids. Our garbage bag full of candy and special goodies are much appreciated. Really.

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Mom said...

Thank You Kaitlyn for the nice compliment. I am tired, but filled with joy, for there is nothing more gratifying than to give to your family, as you well know. We did have an awesome time, and I can't wait until next year! Oh by the way, besides the tooth brushes, I also forgot the cases of pop in the garage! Oh well,chalk it up to dementia, or being a bit overwhelmed.
Love the collage of pictures! What an great job!!
Love you all