Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweenie!

My Favorite...Why are crying pictures so funny? Please tell me you find some humor in this?

"Julia, quit hitting Henry" There actually was a better picture of me and the kids but this truly captures the moment we had and have many hours of the day. She is a fiesty one.

They didn't eat dinner before we went out. Can you tell?

Strawberry Princess Fairy? I don't know what she is but she is sure cute!!!

And Finally, IRON MAN! He has one little McDonalds toy that is Iron Man, he obviously thinks very highly of that toy. That is the only thing Iron Man he really even knows. He has wanted to be this since the first time that I asked what he wanted to be for Halloween.
Funny Boy.

1 tidbits of your thoughts: said...

Why is it they sit so sweetly for the hubby and the pic of you is just waiting for the explosion? Your kids will thank you later when you drag these out for their future spouses - haha

SOOOOO cute :: lynn