Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another "Get the Craft out of Yo House"

I am coming off of the weekend still draggin some serious butt.  Sick with a cold and the lovely sinus drainage, creativity pretty much exhausted and have just a small little bit of Owl People inventory to make me want to give the rest of it all away.  This was a big weekend for me.  On Thursday night, I attended as an "artist" the 3rd Annual Craftacular down at Zen's bar.  I use the term "artist" loosely because I really would not consider myself one.  I put shit together with a little thread and a machine.  That is my hobby, not art to me.  Anywho, Craftacular turned out very well for me.  I dumped over half of my inventory and made a nice chunk of change before Christmas.  It was a great event with great local and young artists that was wall to wall with people all night long. 

Saturday I drug myself around the house trying to get prepared for, "Get The Craft Out of YO House".  This is the second one that I have organized and put on.  A group of 12 girls came with craft in hand down to Rogers House Bed and Breakfast and crafted all the live long day.  It was great, I worked on Julia's Christmas present (debut later) and whipped up a couple of wonky pillowcases for me and Erin.  I helped a couple of friends sew for the first time.  Crystal and Tracy made dresses for their girl's first birthdays.  Julie worked on a blanket for a friend's wedding gift and started the same present for her daughter that I made for Julia.  Anna worked on a quilt and made helped Stace with some cool fabric frames for her living room.  I could go on and on with what everyone got accomplished.  I always stress about people not attending but in all, an overnight trip to a B&B with uninterupped crafting for $39.00 is deal in my book.  You should consider coming next time, the parting gift was the button above "Craft is my Crack" and last years was "I am a Crafty Motherf*^&#$".  I don't know how I can top myself next year.

We are finishing our short week and heading to Wichita for Thanksgiving. It will be nice to chill out, watch the Huskers beat up on the Buffs, eat some delicious turkey and raid my mother-in-laws sewing stash. 

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Anna said...

I do hope you continue to organize these events. Also, seething with jealousy over the first pins.

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

seriously, as long as you will organize...we will come ;0)

Sarah M