Thursday, May 19, 2011

A month really?

Man, what have I been doing for a month?  Well, I mentioned the photography class that Stace and I took through Becky Novacek in Fremont.   Well, here are a couple shots.  I just love the one of Stace, she is so pretty even though she said she looks pissed off.  Not only did I enjoy the class and get a lot out of it, spending a WHOLE day WITHOUT kids with your bff is priceless.  We must find more excuses for day long excursions. 

 Some of the gals from the class.  We were a mob of paparazzi through Fremont.

This was very rare and had to take full advantage of taking this picture.  Henry RARELY naps and he just happened to fall asleep right in front of an open window in our room.  This is probably the only picture I have of a sleeping Henry.  Isn't is peaceful?

The big guy (Great Papa Jensen) on the left had a 84th birthday to celebrate!  We had a nice celebration with close relatives and even managed to get him to smile.  Not too long before this, he was told that his body was full of cancer and wouldn't be able to return to his home.  He lived with my folks for a few weeks and recently moved into an assisted living/nursing home type place in Grand Island.  He is feeling much better and is happy in his new joint.   We love our Papa!

Then came Easter...

It had just started to rain.  They got crowed under the house for a picture with their pretty Grandma.

Easter in Wichita, pretty blue skies.  What a beautiful day in so many ways. 

Cousins on an egg hunt!

Started Farmers Market...These are my pretty dollies.  I will have to take a picture of my booth next time in June. 

Erin ran the 1/2.  2nd Time running the Lincoln Marathon now.  Gary and Linda came, Gary also ran the 1/2.  I am fairly certain this is just the very beginning of Erin's running career. My bet is is that he will run the full next year.  A little roadrunner just like his Dad.  


Marathon Day, Erin's friend Lance came for a visit with his kiddos and our toys got a marathon workout.  Just thought this was funny. 

Celebrated my 4th Mothers Day. Erin spoiled me rotten with flowers, workout clothes, a bagel breakfast and a yummy dinner. I even got craft time!

Started this bad boy.  From this tutorial.  Linda got me a Amy Butler "Love" fat quarter pack for my b-day.  This is a fun one!  It will be a little bigger than a twin size when it is done.

Went back to Becky's again for a model shoot and there was this pretty little girl...

And this adorable couple.  I got to use Becky's awesome million dollar lens and boy was it fun to play with. 

And to finish it Jedi Master, Yoda Julia in Yoda's jacket.

Hope you enjoyed my wordy bloggy bloggathon.  

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Mom said...

I thought you were never going to blog again. Kaitlyn, your pictures are so great. Keep up the great work. Love my sleeping Henry and Jedi Julia. I'm so proud of you and God has blessed you with many talents! Never stop believing in yourself.

Linda said...

Hi Dear, I miss your blog when you are so busy being a wife, mom, crafter and photographer. You do a great job in all those roles. Precious pictures, and I love the quilt. You always inspire me.

Love, The Roach House said...

Thanks for the shoutout Kait! I loved spending such great time with you too. I think this is my favorite post of yours - and not just because you mentioned me. I love, love, love the photos. I'm with the other two mommies that say they are inspired by you. Thanks for being my friend.

Stacey's Momma said...

Wow, what a wonderful job you did. Of course, I have a favorite.


Anna said...

Love this post - welcome back! The Love quilt is coming along nicely, I can't wait to see it finished.