Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's New and I just don't know what to do with myself...

Here we are...back from the land of the living dead or living busy whatever you call it.  Sorry about my blog absence.  It has been a great holiday season despite the lack of snow and the excess of 50 degree days in Lincoln.  I just can't program myself to function outside in the winter even if it is nice out!  So now we start this new year and all those resolutions that are spoken or unspoken begin to take shape or fall apart.  In talking to Stacey, I told her that it was silly to make New Years resolutions because New Years is just another day and why can't people resolve on any other day of the year?  That being said, I did settle on some resolutions-lofty or not, I guess time will tell!

Kaitlyn:  Cook more and cook healthier...yeah yeah, I know. I just want to eliminate the Cream of Mushroom folks, that is the bottom line.   

Be more patient with my kids, try not to have mom-tantrums. Work on teaching them more awesome old rap songs and working on their tune.  We learned a Kriss Kross song the other day. Only the chorus.    

Commit myself to Erin's silly Dave Ramsey Financial Peace freedom or whatever it is called.  I am sick of spending money on fast food and am ready to start a budget and stick with it. (Part of my solution to this is to get a Target Red Card-saves 5%, good deal right?) 

Lastly, today I decided to remove my facebook account.  This has been a long time coming.  I have thought about this a lot over the last year.  I am one of those facebookers that is checking facebook more than 5 times a day.  How many more times a day than 5, I will not say.  I know that I can do more with my time that is valuable and I truly feel like I will be a better mom without the distractions of what training regimen so and so is on or why their kid is puking for the 100th time that week.  I want to have real connections to people and pick up the phone, get a real email from someone and find joy in old school communication.  I did decide to keep up my Owl People page in hopes that I can keep sewing things up and selling them.  I wanted to still have a connection to the local businesses that I enjoy frequenting.  Call me crazy and sorry to Anna Seckman for ever criticizing you for going off facebook.  I am hoping to feel liberated and not lonely.  Hahaha! 

Finally, run my first half marathon.  I am a little nervous for this considering the most I really have ran is about 5.5 miles.  I am thinking of taking a half marathon running class for some extra support from others in the same silly boat.  I still can't believe I signed up for the damn thing.

Here is what I think the rest of my family's resolutions should be:

Erin: Master carpentry and complete the built in cabinets in the loft, run a full marathon without having to train more than one day a week (hehe).  Learn to sew or at least properly cut fabric to help out with Owl People production come spring.  Take more roadtrips with the family.

Henry: Quit screaming like a girl.  Start eating better and not be afraid to try different things.  Start listening to mommy and daddy more.  Wear clothes other than superhero shirts. 

Julia:  Stop the nonsense with getting out of bed at night and acting like a lunatic.  Enjoy when Mommy does my hair, let her practice french braiding.  Quit getting out of my chair at dinner time. 

And because no post is complete without a picture...

Yes, this is one shit eating grin.   Silly little Juila. 

5 tidbits of your thoughts:

mom said...

So it wasn't only me you ditched as a friend on facebook. I will miss seeing your humor and off the wall remarks. Mom is sad.

mom said...

Oh by the way, your other blog comments were right on!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

I have thought A LOT about getting rid of facebook, too. A lot. I did get rid of it for 6 months or so maybe a year or two ago and didn't miss it at all (except for the reason I came back--to see all my friends' new babies who live out of state). I love the idea of having family resolutions from mom, too. Those cracked me up. Looking forward to our first 2012 craft weekend!
Sarah M

Anna said...

Uh... apology accepted. I think this post is great - I resonate with a lot of what you said. I wish my Resolution could be to give up having a job (a girl can dream, right?).

Anna said...

BTW - Target has a Red Card Debit Card that also saves 5% and is deducted straight from checking instead of being a credit card. I have it and LOVE it.