Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Someday Girl

I might be getting older. I might just become the lady that hangs out at the bar enjoying watching people ski down the mountain. I am only 30 but this year as we hit the slopes at Steamboat I felt about 50. I can chalk it up to my too short snowboard or maybe even my loose fitting boots but I really think that I just don't have the spark and enthusiasm that I had when I was a spry college girl. Nonetheless, it was a great trip spent with my family. I do love me some mountains, trotting around in the snow with my trusty snow pants circa 1998 and drinking copious amounts of IPA.

I have some of my best memories from ski trips. It all started with my brother Damon in the backwoods by Laramie. He strapped me on my first snowboard and down I went. Hiked back up, slid back down and repeat. I must have remembered it well enough to start hitting up the real mountains in Colorado with my friend Katie in Copper Mountain. Man, we had some great times with her Dad and brother Tim. Pretty sure we were there to pretend like we actually lived in Colorado and we were the raddest snowboard chicks on the mountain. Never mind if we did greens the whole time.

Moving onto college spring breaks with Katie and Stacey and any other random person that we threw in the Rodeo to keep our lodging costs down. These trips were a little more fun because we weren't with Katie's dad. Duh. We found beer buyers, dined and dashed, lost windshield wipers, spent our tax returns on stupid things like sunglasses and Patagonia fleeces. We ruled the slopes as usual thinking again that we were the RADDEST SNOWBOARD CHICKS ON THE MOUNTAIN.

Maybe that is all this 30 year old girl needs? Maybe a trip with my Kat and my Stace to go and rekindle my love and enthusiasm at Copper Mountain at the Snowshoe Motel with a case of Fat Tire in the cooler. Someday girls, someday.

Until then, here are my people from 2012.

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Stacey said...

Awesome Kait. Awesome. I would love nothing more than to relive some of those trips. Make sure we have a voice recording device, although I'm sure the technology is much better than it was back then.

Thanks for a good start to my Tuesday, and some of the best memories of my life.

Mom said...

Promise your Mom that you will not give up on snowboarding or winter fun. I would give anything at this age to do what the 4 of you kids can do. It hurts just to bend over and touch my toes!!
You and Damon have soooo many family memories just waiting to happen. Your kids and his (yes he will have some)will love the family time, and I'll do my best to see that you have them as long as I can!! I love you for posting your memories of life, friends and family. What a gift you have of capturing those memories and putting them in words. You are a special person, and I'm proud to call you Daughter.

Katie, Scott and Babe said...

AGREED!!! I would do ANYTHING to have one of those trips on the books! Such great memories, I laugh just thinking about it and all of the crazy characters we met along the way...and we WERE cool, authentic "snowboard chicks" or not ;) Hey at least we were resourceful and used whatever means necessary to make those trips happen. Mono or not ;) Helluva good time every year. Let's plan! Next spring?? Copper Mountain? I'm in!