Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Check out those dimples!!!

Look at these handsome hunks!!

We had our Jensen family reunion last weekend. My Grandpa Jensen is behind my mom-he has 3 brothers, all of them and their kids and kids' kids were there. It was strange b/c we didn't really know a whole lot of people b/c it was so extended. It was nice to see my Aunt and Uncle Jensen and cousins, Kim, Brandon and their spouses Chris and Michele. Kim and Chris's baby, Lewis, is 6 months older than Henry. He is a little cutie! We had a nice weekend.

Chris, Damon, Brandon and Erin getting in a little bow practice.

Henry in his cute little Baby Legs. What a handsome boy!

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Grandma Peg said...


Has it snowed and I don't know it???

No wonder you light up when you see your Mommy, she's a nut! Enjoy each other