Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just a post

Nothing exciting here...I just thought I would post some pictures. Life is good. Henry is starting to be so much more active and HAPPY!!! He smiles a whole bunch and laughs when we tickle him. I had a dream last night that he was walking. He just walked into my room with his little body just like it was nothing! It was funny. I think he will be walking before he crawls. He doesn't really like to be sitting down, he likes it when we hold him up and he can be on his feet. We went on a walk today and stumbled upon some garage sales. He got a cool new little "sit and scoot" and some other toys. I am convinced that garage sales are the place to be. I love them! Well, hope you all have a good weekend. Nothing much in store here. Erin is studying for his lovely PE exam and I am going to be kickin' it with Henry. Maybe a little family function on Sat. with my Dad's aunts and other family.

I had to put this picture on here. It is too funny not to share. I can't quit laughing at it!! He looks so funny! Like, "Mom, if you don't put that camera down, I am going to shove it up your *&^*, and I MEAN IT!"

On his "Sit and Scoot" He will be scooting around on this baby next summer for sure!!!

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Auntie Muriel said...

Delighted to see your son in person, and then those pictures on the blog. Thanks for stopping by and also for including me in the blogs.