Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Katherine turns 30!!!!!!

Oh boy!! Watch out everyone, there is a new 30 year old in town with a new take on life! Actually, I am not sure if she has a new take on life but she sure loves birthday's at any age! Katherine flipped out of the 20's last week. Us girls went to dinner and a hockey game. It was fun! Katherine then came over to the house on Sunday (Damon had to work) and we had dinner and I made her cupcakes (one of her favorites). Damon is next on Nov. 30th to turn 30 and then Erin on Dec. 5th. I am just the little baby of the bunch. Well, next to Henry.

Laura, Katherine and yours truly.

Katherine's Party Hat! Very nifty huh? She said it was her favorite part of her day!
Align RightOh, you likey her earrings??
Cupcake cake. Fancy huh?

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