Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Post

Happy Halloween!!! We didn't have much going on this Halloween. I didn't think that Henry would really enjoy going out trick-or-treating all that much so we just stayed in and ordered a pizza with Damon and Katherine and handed out candy to the little kids in the hood. There really weren't that many kids...oh well, more candy for us! One big and exciting thing that happened last night was that Henry rolled over by himself (totally unassisted)!! It was great to see that determination in his eyes. He will be crawling before I know it. His little butt is starting to scoot up and he is moving his legs in that motion. Last week, Erin took his dreaded PE Exam and is very thankful that it is over. He is now making all of these plans to do great things since he was cooped up for so long. Not much new with me. We went over to my friend Stacey's house on Tuesday for her b/day/halloween party. It was nice to be part of a party and be social! Well, I am going to get cookin some dinner. We went to Wichita last weekend to celebrate Erin's folks' 40th Anniversary! 40 years!! That is something special. We had a nice little party there and it was good for Henry to get to Wichita for the first time to see his Grandma and Papa. Well, have a good weekend and GO HUSKERS!!! Beat those Jayhawks!!

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Grandma Peg said...

Awesome Pictures!! Great family picture of the 3 of you! Henry is so adorable, wish I could have been there.