Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nothing too exciting

Hello, just a little post because I haven't put anything up for a while. All is going good with us, Erin, Kaitlyn and Mr. Henry. I am sure that most of you who read this blog probably know about the bad news that we had last week..we found out that Dad (Larry) has cancer in his colon and liver. We obviously were very shocked with this news and had a very hard time getting over the shock (still are). All I can say is, Thank GOD for time. Time to grieve, time to accept, time to love, time to cry, time to be joyful and time to live! There are so many other things that we can thank God for on a daily basis. On that note, be sure to thank God for being where you are today and to say a little prayer for Dad too. He is so thankful of all of those who are praying for him.

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Mom said...

Praise the Lord for giving us a daughter as beautiful as you are, both on the inside and out. Your words of thanks are so true and inspiring to all. We Love You Kaitlyn!!

P.S. and we love little Henry and Erin too!!