Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

Hello all, here's to another day! I am so exhausted today. I have been running all over town to get Erin a couple b-day presents and baking a german chocolate cake for his b-day. Big ol' 30 year old tomorrow (12-5) We had a party for him and Damon (he turned 30 on 11-30) last weekend. It was fun, we had a pretty good turnout considering the weather last weekend. I think that we all realized that we aren't 20 anymore and it is really difficult to recover the next day. Other than that, we are just getting ready for Christmas. I took Henry outside today and bundled him up in this funny little white fluffy suit that was a hand-me-down. Pretty funny to see him in it. I thought I would share some of those pictures. I hung lights on the trees and the fence and Henry patiently watched and laughed at me while I chucked up the lights to the highest branch. I am sure I looked funny. I had the ol' lasso throw going to really heave them up there. I need to get started on my Christmas shopping. I made a list of all that I need to buy for and there are 20 people! Good grief! I didn't even know that I knew 20 people.

Mom and Dad are doing good-Dad just got a call from the Med Center in Omaha today and they will begin his chemo on the 13th. That will give them enough time to process his liver biopsy to determine where he will fit in the study. He is still feeling really good and is trying to change up his diet a little. Please pray that the medication takes effect and works like a charm. I know that the dog behind the fight is ready to take this down-he just needs the proper tools to knock it out. Please remember to pray for Dad. He and all of us really appreciate it.

Well, it is 9:45 and Erin is not home yet. He went to KC today for work. I am ready to hit the sack.

At Cabela's. Henry loved those flapping wings on the decoy's.

Cheese ball. Or should I say Cotton Ball.

This is probably his visit to Santa this year. Maybe another year the real one will come.

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