Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Bed, January is no fun!!

Hello in January! I can't believe that this month is coming to an end already! It has been miserably cold here and I am sure you all have been cold where you are too. Exciting news for this month...

*Dad's chemo treatments are going really well! He has been going on Thursdays and is feeling back to his normal self on Tuesdays. He has treatments every other Thursday. The next treatment that is scheduled for the 7th, they will do CT scans to see how the tumors are doing and "verify their shrinkage!" We are all so confident that this is what is happening. Please continue to pray to the Lord for blessings for my Dad and for the great things in your life.

*We got a new bed! King size is the only way to go. How did we go so long without one?

*Erin got a new snowblower! He is very excited and told me that he has been waiting for one since he was a little kid.

*Henry has two teeth! They are coming through on the bottom and he is chewing everything in sight. He hasn't started crawling yet, hopefully in the next month or so. No, he hasn't started walking either. I had a lady ask me the other day if he had started walking yet. I looked at her like she was crazy.

That is about all. I am sure that there are other things this month that we have to be grateful for but these are my top.

This is Henry and his cousin George. The next president and VP. Or maybe they will just start their own contracting company. George loves Bob the Builder and Henry just watches George hammer away. George just turned 2 and Anna (Henry's other cousin, George's sister) turned 8. We just got back last night from KC visiting them. Fun times.

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