Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When is spring coming???

Oh man, it is just so damn cold outside. I would have to say that in my older age I have become much more of a wussy when it comes to the cold. I can't remember a time when the cold bothered me as a kid or even in college when I had to walk to class. I guess I need to get myself acclimated again. Start playing outside or something.

No purpose of this post really other than to proudly boast about my Dad's tumor shrinkage! He had over a 50% shrinkage in his liver tumors. That is only after 4 treatments! We can only hope that the shrinkage continues. He talked to Chris, my "cousin-in-law" the other night and Chris said "If that has shrunk 50% what else has shrunk on you? " I don't think that I need to go into detail there but it is really funny because if you know Chris, he just doesn't say too much...especially those kind of things! Maybe Chris is breaking out of his shell anyway.

We are headed (Damon and Katherine, me and Erin) to Keystone next week of the 21-24th. Should be a good time I hope. Last year we went to Steamboat and I wasn't able to ski because I was pregnant. :( So, I am just going to tear it up on that mountain for the time I missed last year!

Henry is good. He is getting really close to crawling. I thought maybe by the end of this week but I am sure that he will save it for next week when Grandma and Grandpa come and babysit. He better not!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn -
This is going to sound weird, I can only imagine. I am a friend of Stacey's (our son was the pirate at her party) and wanted to chat w/ you about maybe making her a quilt using some of the fabrics for her baby bedding? And I hope she doesn't read this - I tried to go down a few entries. Email me if you would - Thanks! Anna