Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yippe Skippy. Creativity Accomplished

Here is a picture of the purse that I made today. I worked very hard on this from about 11:30 am to 11:30pm! With breaks in between of course! one won't take me so long.
This is my, "I have too much going on to carry a real purse purse." I have been leaving my purse at home lately because it just gets to be too much carrying Henry and all of his millions of things. This hopefully will be quite handy.

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Katherine and Damon said...

I'll take one!

Anonymous said...

hey kaitlyn!
cute bag! check out a website called madonna lasagna. she makes bags and purses similar to yours. one of our customers had a diaper bag and it was super cute! who knows maybe you could sell them in my boutique!! hope all is well, and super excited to hear about your dad, that is great!
take care, andrea