Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

Hello all,

Michelle has been after me to get some pictures posted on my blog...I have been very busy I guess. We had a really nice Easter weekend-Erin's cousin got married on Saturday in Ponca City OK. Surprisingly enough, Ponca City is really a pretty place once you get away from all of the strip malls downtown. They were married in a really cool mansion and the views that some houses have are unbelievable!

We headed to Wichita on Thursday after work and stayed at Gary and Linda's. Celebrated Andersen's birthday on Friday, went to Ponca City on Fri. evening for the rehearsal dinner-had a very nice time. Thank you to Amber for driving from OKC to see me! Very nice of Amber. Sat. was the day of the wedding and farting around. It is always fun to hang out with Erin's family. There are just so many of them and they all like to have a good time. Sunday was of course Easter...went to church, had dinner and hit the road. It was a jam packed weekend and we keep saying that we are going to take tomorrow off but we won' is just fun to say.

Other news on the home front...Dad is doing really good. He has scan's on his next chemo treatment to see how far along the cancer is shrinking. That is around the first of April. We are all hopeful that it his cancer is going away and that surgery will be the next route.

I am busy trying to get a little side business together. I have decided to get a booth this summer/fall downtown at the Farmers Market. I am going to make kids capes, wands, masks, baby onesies and ponyholders/clips. I think that I made almost 100 ponies this weekend while in the car. I tested them out with the nieces and they were a hit. The wands as well. I think that I just need to shorten them a little so they don't whip themselves in the face. Capes are all cut and just need to be sewn. I will post some pictures when I have some completed. I still need to iron out a few little details for the market but I am eagerly awaiting this little venture.

Henry is good-he is 10 months old as of yesterday. He is sure scooting all around. Not a full blown on your knees crawling but he is army crawling everywhere. He surprised us last weekend by going from laying down to sitting up. Diaper changes are sure fun now! I can't wait to start potty training!

Well, I am going to head for bed I guess. It will feel nice to get into our nice big ol' king sizer.

Easter 2007-Look at that big ol' belly. I can't believe that I was ever pregnant.

Here is what they look like almost a full year later! Much cuter than that fat ol' belly. Henry just woke up from a nap in this picture. He was so happy to be awake apparently!

Henry and Andersen chowing down on some goodies. Andersen will turn 2 next week.

Oh yeah, wave those wands. The girls thought these were pretty cool. Eleanore (the middle one) was only whacked once in the face by Kellan (left). Eleanore is a tough cookie. She didn't even cry.

Wedding shot.

4 Generations-Elsie, the great grandma, Linda, Erin's mom, Erin and Henry.
Oh, and doesn't Erin look dashing with his manly facial hair? I love it.

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