Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Owl People

Okay, so these images are huge. Sorry. Anywhoo..I just thought I would share a glimpse of what is to come. These are the beginnings of my projects this summer for the Farmers Market. I had this beautiful little logo done courtesy of JenniferJewels.etsy.com. This gal really went the mile for me for 10 dollars. I am pretty particular when it comes to things and she definitely knows that about me now! So, Owl People is the name of the business. Owl People come from back in the day in Alliance. We lived across the street from some "woods"... more like an undeveloped lot...where we played all of the time. We had a "house" back there, a rusty mail drop, apparently a lamp that is still in Dad's garage, some butter knives for digging and whatever else, I can't really remember. Well, in the woods lived the Owl People. The Owl People came out at night time and you didn't want to be in the woods once the Owl People came out. I remember that they were different colors and were very scary. Now you may be wondering where this idea of the Owl People came from. Certainly no kid could dream up the Owl People today. No...imagination really starts from the parents I think. That is where my imagination came from-starting with my Dad coming up with this crazy idea of the Owl People. So Dad, here's to you...the Owl People live again.

So, here are a couple of projects: Still missing are the onesies and the masks...

A new version of the burp cloth...One side terry, the other side pretty fabric. I might have to call these the "Maxi-Burp" I think that they really look like a maxi pad. Maybe I'll change the design a little.
This is the neck of the cape. It velcro's across the neck for quick release. I still need to try this on a little kid to get the full effect of the neck. As long as it comes together, I don't think a kid will really care too much on how it sits on the neck.

Back of the cape...

Front of the cape...

Ponies and clips that I slaved away on last weekend in the car.

One wand for sale!!

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Peg said...

Nice Job Kaitlyn!!

Don't really think the pictures do justice to the cape. Believe me everyone, I've seen them and they are awesome. Come on all you Grandma's, your Grandkids would love these!!