Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finish the Sentence-copy from Michelle's blog

Finish the sentence...

Maybe I should get off my ass and do something outside
I love the smell of rain
People would say that I am funny but I was even funnier in my old days.
When I wake up in the morning I either go into Henry's room on T, TH, F, S, S or get out of bed 15 minutes after Erin does and get in the shower.
I lost a pair of shoes (cows with sungalsses) on the Platte River when I was canoeing with my family. Can you believe that the Platte had enough water to even canoe?
Life is full of good times that are short lived.
My past is something that I wish I could go back to. Especially being a kid again.
I get annoyed when Erin throws his dental floss around our room and leaves his socks everywhere.
Parties are something that I did a lot in college. They were sure fun.
I wish my Dad didn't have cancer.
Dogs are nice. Especially my brother's dog Cota.
Cats SUCK!
Tomorrow is Wednesday and I have to work.
I have low tolerance for idiot drivers.
I’m totally terrified of others that I love dying.
I wonder why I am sitting here and not doing something productive for Owl People.
Never in my life have I been surfing.
High school was a blast. I miss those times.
When I’m nervous I need to go #2
One time at a family gathering I got drunk and didn't manage to do anything too stupid unlike Michelle.
Take my advice: Always look up, you might miss something AND Thank God for the blessings in your life EVERY DAY!
Making my bed means that company is coming.
I’m addicted to iced vanilla lattes on Monday and Wednesday.

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