Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring is here and the ants are marching.

Can you believe that April is half way gone? Where oh where does time go? Life is good on Bison Drive. Erin and Damon worked really hard a couple weekends ago and hauled out a majority of our rock in front of our house. Now it is a blank landscape waiting for the expertise of Erin's brother Todd to help us come up with an idea for some more curb appeal. Last weekend we were in Grand Island to celebrate Great-Grandpa Jensen's 81st birthday. We went to the horse races and bet $$ until we ran out. It was only 40 bucks but it goes fast. Erin went turkey hunting with his re-discovered friend from college, Lance. They are both engineers so I would imagine that they are two peas in a pod. I haven't met Lance yet. They were unsuccessful in getting a turkey. Damn.

Henry is really good. Happiest baby in the world. Grandpa Jensen said that he hasn't ever seen a happier baby. He finally started crawling a few weeks ago. I haven't had time to upload our videos yet but I will get that done soon. He is all over the house. Likes the bathroom and the laundry room too. He is funny about his room. I think that he knows it is for sleeping so any time that we go in there with him and it is not bed time he starts to cry. So, playing in his room is apparently not one of the things he prefers. He has his two front teeth coming in. Right now there are only the bottom two. It will be funny when he has teeth. And hair.

I don't have much else going on other than Owl People. I need my engineer husband to come up with a sort of display for me to hang my banner and other things. I need to get going on planning a party for Henry. There is always something to do.

Well, I better get to bed. My body hurts from my horribly windy walk this afternoon. Henry and his stroller about toppled over twice today. It was crazy. Gotta love the wind.

Doesn't he look so grown up???

Henry in a nice little gift from my high school. Thanks Karen!

Crawl crawl crawl.

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