Sunday, April 20, 2008

Owl People Onesies

Here are some of the onesies that I have been making. I have made 48 onesies now. Henry was lucky enough to be my model. He did surprisingly well for as many as I put on him. My designs include two different bird varieties, popsicles, lollipops, giraffes, wiener dog, scottie dog, lab dog, bowtie, necktie, guitar, Nebraska N and a rocket. Oh please let me know if there is someone that you know that is having a baby. I would love to sell you a onesie. I am getting really nervous/excited for my first market on May 3rd. Erin is helping me design a little display thing and my Mom is feverishly working to finish the #@*# capes. They are going to look awesome when they are done. I got my Owl People banner in the mail the other day. When I opened it Damon thought it looked like it was "Owl Peaple" instead of "Owl People" I verified with my label designer and it is just the font that makes it look like an "a", it really is an "o". At this point I really don't care whether people think it is spelled wrong. Too far along in the game at this stage. Like Damon said, some people might think it is unique if people really is spelled peaple.

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Anna said...

Love them!

I think Elliot would look stunning in one - how big are you making them? He'd be a Carters 18m.