Sunday, June 15, 2008

A month in the Life of Henry Bright

Henry has been a very busy boy this month. Sorry for the lack of posts. Here is what he has been doing since his birthday party...

Riding out a tornado warning in the bathtub with Mom

Playing in his new sandbox. Thanks Jensen family. I should just dedicate our whole deck to you guys. The sandbox for Henry and the patio furniture from our wedding. I think that we could use a new grill maybe one of these days too. Just a thought. :)

Painting a picture for Daddy for Father's Day. Happy Father's Day Erin. You are the best dad to Henry and he told me he especially loves it when you change his poopy diapers.

Having fun styling Henry's lack of hair to look like Alfalfa.

Baths in the sink.

Playing in his new pool/water thingy from his birthday. Thanks Kev and Nat. He loves it!

Putting pants on his head. Actually going crazy because Dad put his pants on his head.

Last but not Mommy loves and snacking on her nose.

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