Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A funny thing happened while listening to Jazz...


Last night we were lucky to break the weekly monotony and take a little trip downtown to Jazz in June. We really don't enjoy listening to jazz music but it was something nice to do outside and to people watch. Well we quickly figured out that a remedy for any fussy spell from Mr. Henry is to take him out into a crowd full of people and listen to jazz music. While there he met a new friend, Harry. Harry has red hair, is 14 months old and is crab walker. They had fun playing with the ball and crawling after each other. One other HUGE thing was that Henry decided to take a little walk...all by himself!!! He just got up and took about 5 steps forward and then plop! The rest of the night we tried to get him walking as much as he could stand it. There is a little video that shows his new found moves. So, in all Jazz music isn't really that bad. Henry met Harry, took some of his own steps and even danced a little too.

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