Friday, July 18, 2008

July Post. Where did the summer go?

I have been quite the slacker lately in getting things posted. Geez, I guess I have been busy. Henry is now an official walker. He only crawls unless he is really tired. He still sleeps with his feet tucked underneath him like he is in the womb. He picks fuzz off of everything that can accumulate fuzz. His bedding, his blankets, the webbing stuff off of the bottom of the couch. He is a really bad eater right now. I was hoping he would be eating steak dinners with us by now! He loves to look at books and giggles every time he sees a picture of my parent's dog, Bishop. I could go on and on about Mr. H. He is truly a special gift and I am so thankful to have him everyday.

Market has been going okay. Only 2 times left! I am not sure if I should be making up much more inventory or not. I think that I will do this next year too. I had one of Stace's friends call me today and he is highly suggesting that I start selling my stuff to local stores. I think the capes would be really cool and the growth charts b/c they are unique but the onesies I think that anyone can make them. Other than sewing and taking care of baby, life is pretty simple for me.

Erin just got back from a bachelor party in the Ozarks last week. He is busy at work with many projects especially now b/c he is a "team leader" now. Basically he just has more responsibility and gives evaluations to his "techs" underneath him. I am sure there is more but that is all that I can think of at this time.

We are headed to Wichita next weekend, we haven't been back there since March I believe. It will be nice to get out of town and have some good cookin' and relaxation time once we get there.
Allrighty, now here are some pictures....

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Mom said...

Kaitlyn you are an amazing Mom!! Henry is so lucky to have you, and so is Erin. You will look back on this blog site as a Family and be so proud of what you have done and the "special moments" you have captured that will be held in time. Henry you are so da_n cute except when you won't eat! We look forward to more special moments as the years go by.

We Love you all