Sunday, August 3, 2008


As I sit here typing, the weather probably is a balmy 90 something degrees at 10:00 PM. I saw on the news today that in Shennendoah IA the heat index was 121. Yes that is correct 20 degrees past 100! Poor Hawkeyes. Henry and I went outside to sit in his baby pool and we lasted for about 10 minutes. He was pretty angry that I told him we had to go in because mommy would melt otherwise. Perhaps he doesn't quite understand yet what he would do without me.

Life is good otherwise...Farmer's Market was this Saturday. This was by far my worst one ever. I blame it on all of the produce that is there. When there was no produce, people were buying like crazy and now that there is produce, I think that they save their $ for that. Don't people understand that it is REALLLY REALLLY easy to grow a garden? And a heck of a lot cheaper than paying Farmer's Market prices? Come on people.

Henry has been a pretty good boy the last couple days. I say last couple of days because he was on a streak of being a whiny, naughty little boy and I never thought he would break through. It comes and goes. Sometimes very very stressful. Today he was just a delight though.

Erin is good. He is now officially done with softball. They lost every game (except for maybe one) throughout the season and then playoffs came around and they were only two away from the finals. His work is good as he would say. We went last night to Wilber Czech Fest and had a polka of a good time. For all those who don't know, Wilber is the Czech capital of Nebraska and some say the US. We met a couple of "Czechs" from the homeland. Yep, that is right REAL Czech people. Drank way too many Bud Light Lime's. (Oh man those are tasty...perfect summer beer) Polka'd like no ones business. And rolled into Stace's at about 1:30 to pick up Henry. Good times had by the mom and pops.

Well, here are some pictures to enjoy...

Playing in Henry's "tube"? Not sure what you call the thing? Tunnel. Yeah, that's it.

Firehouse Fun. Thanks Uncle Damon!

At Stace's office delivering her baby bedding custom made by Mom and Muahh..

How can you resist me? I am so loveable and messy.

Modeling those nice fire boots!

Silly Grandma and Grandpa Wirth.

At the lake near Wichita. Henry's 2nd boat ride. He likes all but the life jacket.

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