Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crazy Crazy Sept.

Yes, it is really 11:03 and I am updating my blog. Erin went to bed about an hour and a half ago after getting mad at me for taking HIM off of the computer. He says I always do it. Whatever. I have things to do....things to sell...blogs to check....AND FACEBOOK! Duh. I have admittedly been addicted to Facebook for the last month or so. I have caught up with many old friends and I just love it!

Things have been good in the Bright home. We spent much of our weekends in August on the road it seems and Sept. we have been sticking around. For Labor Day we went to this cool new park that just opened and they have splashgrounds for kids/adults to run amuck. We had a picnic and off Henry went to the water and had a blast ( with some coercing).

Nebraska football has started and I haven't jonesed this much for NE football ever. We tried renting the first game at home on our lovely Television set and to our disappointment, there is a filter on our cable that won't let us pick up channels higher than 22. DAMN! Oh well, the radio was fine and I told Erin that I HAVE to make it to at least one game this year.

Henry got his first shiner this month. He was fussy in the crib the other night so I went in and gave him his pacifier and went back to bed. About 2 minutes later I hear this big thud and said "What the $*F*% was that? " I thought for sure he fell out of the bed but went in there and he was still in his crib...gave him his pacifier back and he slept the rest of the night. When I woke him up the next morning his eye was all black and blue and swollen. Poor little guy. You guys probably don't believe a word I say and think that I probably beat him. Really, he fell!!
AND Then to top it all we were in church and he fell smack into the chair in front of me and smacked the top of his eyebrow and his cheek on the metal chair pole! Now I have witnesses for this beating but really, his face is just in SAD shape.

We went to a 1st Birthday party for Henry's friend, Lula last night. Not only was the food and beer great but I came home with 24 of Lula's Grandma's enchiladas. Some of my high school friends probably remember these delicacies. They are TO DIE FOR!!! Lula got a custom growth chart from me-you will have to check it out on my website. It turned out pretty cute.

Lets seee......we are trying to plan a trip to Chicago for our anniversary the beginning of Oct. Hopefully we can swing it and get it done. Mama and Daddy need some serious QT. My friend Stacey just had her 1st baby last week...Kael Alexander Roach was born into this crazed world on Thursday. He is really really cute and I am excited to have him around and to have a set of friends that have a baby so we can do couple/baby things. OR I can always just babysit him too!

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