Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chick Magnets Always Have Fun

Halloween 2008 came by with much hesitation (on Mom's part). As I know best, Henry hates having things attached to his head. I knew that Halloween wasn't going to be so cutesy because Henry couldn't wear the cute little outfits that ALL come equipped with some sort of head piece. We borrowed a couple of outfits from my cousin (both with head pieces) and Henry screamed at both outfits. So then the "chick magnet" costume was born. After making about 50 little tiny chicks out of pom poms and wiggle eyes, they were pinned on his black clothes and wahlaa! He loved it! Mostly picking at the chicks and plucking them off their safety pins. Needless to say, Henry enjoys the heck out of Halloween and totally dug the trick or treating. He was saying trick or treat towards the end of the night (not understandable to anyone other than us of course!)

Grandma and Grandpa Bright were here this week and got to partake in the Halloween festivities. Henry played outside for about 5 hours each day they were here it seems. Good thing is, Grandma got him used to his stocking hat and he didn't have an issue wearing it. I should have started hat/head piece training a long time ago. Oh well.

I am getting ready to start up the ol' Baby Lock again (that is my sewing machine). I just found out that I got accepted to an Lincoln Arts group for their Holiday show coming up towards the end of November. I am really excited to do this one because I think that there will be more "classy" and "quality" products with this group and I know that these shows can bring a pretty decent crowd. I have a lot to do in two weeks. Probably am not going to do many more onesies, just sell the stock that I have and make some more blocks and scarves for sure. Maybe coffee sleeves, I am not sure. I have 5 in stock but they would make a really good holiday gift so we will have to see.

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