Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Henry Visits Grandma And Grandpa

Oh, and we went to Chicago too. By the looks of it, Henry had a far better time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa than he would have going to Chicago with us. We left last Thursday (our anniversary) and came home on Sunday. I will post more on the Chicago trip later when I can post some pictures.

This month so far has been pretty exciting...Funny things that Henry has done...

1)I put him down for a nap in his diaper and when he woke up his diaper was pitched over the edge of the crib. There he was just sitting naked as a jail bird.
2)Started to insist on ranch dressing for his carrots. He also now eats with a big boy fork for most food.

3) Can say "Book" "Ball" "Mama" "Daaaaaddaa!!!" "Bishop" "Deer" There might be some more but they are currently jumbled sounding to me.

4) Points out his belly button when you ask where it is
5) Still rubs his blanket fuzzies underneath his nose when he gets really sleepy. An occassional fuzzy gets stuck up his nose sometimes.

6) Is known to fling his "paci" clear across church rows and hitting innocent bystanders in the way.

I am sure that I could sit here for days and ramble on about all of Henry's doings. I am so proud of him and I see that he is becoming such a little smarty every day.

Here are some pictures of his visit to Grand Island. From what I know he visited Family Practice, probably went to Sams Club, visited the Pumpkin Patch that looks like tons of fun!

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Anna said...

Gosh he's growing up so fast!!! What's he going to be for Halloween?