Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Since tis' the time of the season with Thanksgiving sneaking up on us tomorrow, I thought I would post a list of my there is so much to be thankful for in my life.

1) The good ol' Lord for blessing me all of the things to be thankful for in my life. Without God's creations and love I would be no where.

2) My Family...My fabulous husband who works long days and appreciates any type of meal that I put on the table whether it is a DiGornios pizza or a nice Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole. He is an amazing father, cares about creating a strong and sound foundation for our family to grow on and takes very good care of our finances.

For my little baby boy. He brings so much happiness to our lives. I can't imagine how anyone would ever opt for the choice not to have a child. Smiles non stop, silly little dances, giggles, cuddles, a hunger to learn and explore all things fun.

For my little baby growing...I can't wait to meet you.

For my Dad...for his strength and attitude as he continues to kick the crap out of cancer, My Mom, for being such a hard worker and a fun Grandma to Henry all the while being my best friend that I can call every day and gripe and share my joys and complaints with. For my brother, for being true to himself and always being Damon oh and for the great babysitter that he is and great friend to me and Erin.

For Erin's Family...They are such a strong, warm and caring family. To have two families that are supportive and functioning is a rarity these days...

3) For my health. Most 27 year olds are for the most part healthy but I know from my extensive "Colon Club" searching, that there are several 27 year old's that are facing cancer or some other illness.

4) For my friends. I have just a select few that I can truly count on to help me out when I need them. The few that I have chosen are simply the best.

5) For my house that I live in and can make my own.

6) For reliable transportation and the ability to pay for my transportation.

7) For the full belly I get each night whether it be the Digornios Pizza or Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

8) For my creative ability to make things that people think are wonderful enough to purchase. I absolutely love Etsy and am thrilled when I get a sale.

9) For my "other" job. Working 2 days a week has allowed me to spend more time with my son, create more and feel much much accomplishment.

10) For all other things small that I get pleasures from, my button Ring from Purseonalities by Ashley, my purse from Made by Hank, my totally awesome sewing maching, my cute shoes from Target, my face that has been reacting well so far to this new pregnancy, Christmas lights and my Santa outside, bagels and getting new movies from Net Flix in the mail.

Here's to wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Travel safe, eat plenty and don't forget to thank God for all of your "thanksgivings".

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Mom and Dad said...


I am so proud of you and the wonderful Wife and Mother you have become, and the daughter you have always been. Your Grandma is looking down from heaven and beaming from ear to ear. You are much like her in so many ways. God Thank You for blessing us with such a precious gift.