Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tanta and Early December

Welp, the tree is up, Johnny Cash Christmas music is jammin' in the background and I still have a crap load of shopping to do! I think that Henry is the only one that I have done. Since he won't be reading this blog I can tell you what he is getting. Coloring stuff...crayons, markers, paper, watercolors, some matchbox cars, a carrying case for his cars, some pajamas, socks and his very own table and chair set. I am sure he will get plenty from Grandma and Grandpa as he already did with his other Grandma and Papa. I am actually so sick of looking at toys I secretly hope he doesn't get many toys. That is really bad of me I know but I just don't feel like I have room for them. I just put together 2 big shopping bags full of little baby toys that I am going to donate to Catholic Social Services. I am sure some little kid will love to have all of the gently used toys I am donating.

We put our lovely $1 auction tree up again this year. We were planning on going and getting a real tree yesterday but Erin was a little hungover due to excessive celebration at my work Christmas party. We decorated the tree this afternoon while Henry was asleep so he woke to quite the surprise. He examined it very carefully and pointed out all of the "tanta's" then found the balls and the deer. Quite the smart cookie. He loves seeing Santa and I love hearing him say "Tanta". We have yet to visit Santa-I hope that we can next weekend.

I am really excited to see my friends over Christmas and to go have Christmas in Grand Island. My parents are getting their kitchen redone so the kitchen is in shambles right now but I hope they at least can have their appliances in by Christmas dinner. I really don't care that much about eating Christmas dinner. Just need cheeseball. Yum......

Well, I better get going and get to work! I have two growth charts that need to be mailed out by Wednesday and a couple coffee sleeves to sew. Owl People is kickin' butt and I love the extra income. It is great for all of those purchases that I don't have to explain to Erin what they are for or why!

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