Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy First Haircut Henry!

Little boy Henry took his first step into the big boy world yesterday and got his first haircut! He is now 617 days old (20 months and some days). I think that it was about time. The back of his hair was extremely fuzzy and was a rats nest for the most part. He did really good and only protested when he had to sit up on the seat by himself and when Katinka tried putting the cape on him. So I had to sit with him and cover myself with his little locks. Other big boy steps...he slept in his toddler bed the other night. ALL NIGHT LONG. He didn't move a bit until 6 am rolled around and Erin's alarm went off. We decided that while it is nice for him to not protest the toddler bed, we will keep him in his crib as a little baby as long as we can until numero dos kicks him out.

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Grandma Wirth said...

I keep going back to this update. What a sweetheart and what a smile.
Grandma and Grandpa Wirth love you so much Henry, and you always make us smile. Can't wait to see you on Thursday.