Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celebrating 50 sales!!!

I have officially made the 50 sale mark on Etsy!!! Not that anything happens other than the self satisfaction of getting to that point. Considering the fact that I don't add a whole lot of "new" products, I think that this is pretty good. My creativity pales in comparison to some Etsians. So to celebrate, I think I will have myself a nice tasty red O'douls tonight.

I have joined a benefit for that sweet little baby Cora who died of cancer. Some select items on my Etsy website will have 50% of the proceeds donated to Cora's church for a playground named in her honor. I hope that I can give something to this family. My aunt emailed me and told me that Cora's grandparents have strong ties to Overton. Small world. If you are interested in purchasing anything to honor her life, there is a button on the top of my blog that you can click on and view the items for sale that benefit her.

Me and Damon are busy house shopping lately. Whoever says that this is a buyers market is crazy. Especially in Lincoln. You can't just pick up any nice house for what you can afford. Houses here are so overpriced. I have had fun doing it and hope that he can find something soon.

On tap this weekend...Erin is getting prepared for his polar bear plunge on Saturday. It is going to be so cold!!! If you would like to donate to his cause which goes to the Special Olympics, click here.

Have a splendid day!!!

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