Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's 11:21 and I am bawling my eyes out.

I was doing my evening ritual tonight of browsing my favorite websites and came across this blog by way of one of my other favorites. When I come across a story of diagnosis of an illness (that is usually what draws me into other blogs is the sad story), I always start at the beginning of the blog and read backwards. I am not sure if this is really snooping into others lives or what but I feel like I am reading a book and really need to know the characters before I get to the climax of the story.

This story is a very very sad one and I will let you read and snoop if you care to but here is a synopsis of what I just read that is making me cry my eyes out. This cute little baby girl in the picture below named Cora was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer just at the end of January. Her cancer had spread all over her little insides and affected her other critical organs like her heart and lungs. After a short little battle with surgeries and chemo, she was called to Heaven last week.

I only write about this because I feel like I need to state how truly lucky I am to have lived such a healthy life. I have had one major surgery when I was a little girl and that was it. I am thankful that my little baby boy is safe and healthy too. I can't imagine the pain that these parents feel and will have an emptiness in them for a lifetime. I don't want anything more in this life than to live the rest of my life free of some nasty illness or cancer. And the same for my children and husband.

I need to go to bed now. I wish I wouldn't have stumbled upon this story tonight but also in a sense feel glad that I did simply to count my blessings and to be able to have one more family to pray for that really needs it.

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