Monday, March 16, 2009

Nesting and Lists

Yes, it is official folks...I am in the nesting stage. I think I realized this last week when I was "re-organizing" the junk drawer and Henry's toy box. I don't think that nesting is necessarily a bad thing other than just plain exhausting. My mind is also making me exhausted. I keep thinking that the baby is only 10 weeks away (or sooner possibly) and I have done NOTHING for this future citizen of our world to prepare for its arrival. Okay, I guess I made a cute little bunny for it last weekend. Last night I laid in bed until 1 AM deciding on the perfect name and how to spell it. I have it narrowed down to two strong possibilities and one iffy 3rd place name. So far I have no protest from Erin on my choices. So here is a list mainly for my benefit of what I need to do before Citizen Bright enters the world:

1) Carpet...It WILL be installed before baby gets here. I can't wait.
2) Stroller...My new best friend this summer will be something like this>>
Just need to bite the bullet and pay for it somehow...3) Get a New Crib Mattress
4) Find some clothes that are acceptable to me. Barfed on, stained spit up clothes aren't exactly exciting to put on a new baby.
5) Attend Breathing Class and Toddler Tour of the hospital...
6) Attempt installing two carseats in the 4-Runner. Pray that the person in the front passenger seat doesn't have to cruise down the road with knees in the dashboard.
7) Make room in Henry's dresser for the new baby's clothes.
8) Get Henry sleeping in his toddler bed and kick him out of the crib. This begins April 1st.
9) Keep encouraging Henry to use the "toelit" (Toilet)
10) Relocate the necessary baby toys/swings/bouncy seats and dust them off from storage.
11) Find some type of bassinet to borrow for the first few weeks of the baby's life so Henry can get some sort of sleep.

That is all that I have right now. See how my mind is exhausted? Okay, off to bed to hopefully get a good night's of baby names.

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Grandma Wirth said...

Ok, I can help a little with your list! Grandma and Grandpa Wirth would like to get the new babe a mattress, so Henry can take his old one to his new bed. Your swing and other baby items are in the basement, and I have my old baby doll basinet just waiting for that little girl to play with. Hummmm, wonder what it will be????