Friday, March 13, 2009

Bambino Bright Numero Dos

Well, this is the best I can get right now. Here is baby Bright #2. You will have to crank your head to the left. All you are seeing is our little skeletor's eyes and hands mostly. Oh, and the cute little button nose that resembles Henry's. I had my 30 week appointment yesterday and am pleased to report that all is well. She is happy with how everything is progressing and has now positively identified the gender of baby to be. Sorry, still can't spill the beans. I promised Michelle that I would post a picture of my belly with these but that will have to come later this week. I need to get my cripple of a husband healed up before he can do anything crazier than getting off the couch to eat dinner. He has been having some foot procedures done and is very very sore for a few days after. Better go and cook my fish and make Henry pick up the disaster area that he has created in our living room. Have a nice weekend!!

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