Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reaching Exhaustion

Oh boy am I ever tired! It is official, this pregnancy is catching up with me finally. I have been feeling so great this whole time but this last week has been plain ol' exhausting. I really believe that Henry will put me into early labor. It seems like all I do is bend over, pick him up, pick his things up, bend over to change his diaper yadayadayada. I made some growth charts today for some Etsy customers and am thinking that I might have to put the stop on future production of those. Just bending over and cutting things out is difficult. I just need everything to be on my level and I will make it I think, I hope. Enough griping....

Our week was just fabulous. Work on Monday and Wednesday, Thursday we went to Omaha and got the results back from my Dad's scans and (drumroll please)......everything is still behaving and stable! Doesn't mean that his cancer is gone but it is on the super low simmer setting right now. He still has to maintain on his chemo regimen (every two weeks) and he seems fine with that. He is a little exhausted but I suppose that is par for the course. On Friday, Damon, Henry and I went looking for houses again for Damon. That pretty much takes all afternoon of being cooped up in a car and Henry running rampant through other peoples houses rolling around on the carpet.

After keeping Henry stored in the car for two days I thought he would enjoy a nice reward, the Lincoln Childrens Museum. Erin had never been before and I really wanted Henry's first time there to be with all of us. He had so much fun! They have everything from a real motorcycle, real semi cab, hot air balloon, water features and a crawl through prairie dog town. The only incidents we had was Henry slamming his thumb in the grocery store cooler and a crazy Ukrainian kid who threw a serious temper tantrum when Henry came to play with "his" trucks.

Not much else in store in this household. It looks like Damon is going to be our "roomate" starting in April. Until he decides what he wants to do, he will live in our loft upstairs. He will be living here for a small us dinners. Tonight he made us spaghetti using, Cream of Chicken, Cream of Mushroom, tomato sauce, a little spaghetti sauce, salsa, sausage, mushrooms and green peppers. Sounds kinda nasty right? Ummmm....No. It amazes me how he can throw all of that together and have it be the best tasting and favorite meal of the week.

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