Thursday, April 30, 2009


What have you given lately? In particular, what have you given to someone that has completely and utterly made their day? Well, I apparently hadn't done it in a while and MAN how great it felt. You see, my Dad is a big fan of Neil Young. There was a concert in November that had to be rescheduled and I had the opportunity to buy him tickets when the show was rescheduled. I had meant to get him tickets for his birthday but didn't do it in time. Bad daughter. Yesterday while I was a work, one of my co-workers came dangling two Neil Young tickets trying to find someone to use them.

PERFECTION! I thought!!!

Yesterday, my parents were up in Omaha getting Dad's scans done and were planning on coming back to Lincoln to stay with us for the night and go back for chemo in the morning. My co-worker just happened to be going to the Med Center in Omaha too and I arranged for my Mom to meet up with him while Dad was getting scanned. After Dad came out of the scans, my Mom had his surprise tickets waiting for him! He was ecstatic! I received a phone call from him with obvious glee in his voice. He said he has wanted to see Neil Young for years and years and was humbled for the opportunity to be going.

PERFECTION! I thought again!!!

It couldn't have worked out any better. My co-worker helped seal the deal and my Mom knows just how to keep a secret from one of the snoopiest of people. There were obviously a lot of factors in my favor but how sweet of a deal it all was. They had a great time and apparently Dad spent most of his morning bragging to his Dr and all the nurses about his special concert last night. I had never felt so good for doing something in quite a long time. Surprises are simply the best.

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