Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our little Baby B

Here is our little baby to be. These are by far the best pictures we have so far. Everything else has been a little freaky. On Sunday I will be 35 weeks. I can't wait to get this one out of me! It seems like it has been a super long pregnancy and the swelling is starting to settle in. The last few days have been fairly warm and we haven't cranked on the AC yet. I have problems doing that until it has been progressively hot and by the looks of it, there is a break in this hotness next week. Nice. We took a birthing refresher course last week and learned absolutely nothing from it. Paid $15 bucks for Erin to give me a massage and for us to simply relax our bodies. The $15 was well worth it for those two things. The purpose for us was to go and refresh on our breathing but it wasn't the same as we remembered from our first class. I think it will all be good. Just need to get my pattern down and remember not to hyper-ventilate. I added a poll feature for all of you "guessers" out there. It is quite amusing to hear everyone's prediction on what this new little baby's gender is going to be. So go take the poll up in the upper left corner. Feel free to leave any name suggestions in the comments section. I am up for anything. Except the names Hesso and Shesso.

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And this life long Neil Young fan says thank you with all his heart. You haven't been to a concert until you have seen Neil Young in person...except maybe Clapton.