Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Potty Sagas

Well, call it what you will, an experiment or not...potty training was halfway successful. Henry started out Friday morning by "throwing away" the diapers and kicking himself into his big boy pants. 15 pairs of underwear later and one pee free nap, day 1 was officially over and on went the pull-up before bedtime. Day 2 was better, maybe 8 pairs of underwear and starting to understand that he needed to tell me poopy or potty in order to get a treat or sticker. The problem that we were having is that he wasn't really "telling" me. He would just look at me like, "we better go to the toilet" look and off we ran to the bathroom. Day 3, still piddling a little in his underwear but really finishing well in the toilet. Still not keeping his underwear dry enough to throw them back on though. At about 4:00, I decided to surrender. On went the diaper and to a well deserved nap I went.

I think that this will eventually work for a number of reasons:

1) He is still telling us when he needs to go and sits on the toilet. The interest is definitely there.

2) His speech is only going to get better as the months drag on. The fleeting look on his face just won't cut it.

3) My Dad seems to think that this is a Daddy job to do. After this weekend, I couldn't agree more. Erin, batter up.

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Katie said...

I love this post...I can see the look on his face now :) lol funny kid.