Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome Julia!!

Welcome to the crazy world little

Miss Julia Macrae Bright

We are so happy that you arrived safely and healthy. God has blessed us with so much in this life. Sometimes I wonder how I am so lucky. You are a perfect little baby sleeping much of the night and your eating habits are slowly getting better now what you realize that "angel juice" is all about.

Here is your birth story:

At 7:30 am on May 24th, we strolled into the hospital to prepare for our induction. Since your brother was practically induced, I figured that I had nothing to worry about. That is what I kept telling myself anyways. So finally at 9:30, the nurse came in and started the pitocin (to get the contractions started) and I was having contractions and didn't even realize it! Me and your Daddy watched at least 4 episodes of home renovation shows on HGTV while all this was happening. At 11:30, Dr. Looney (Shari Hier-Duffin) came in and broke my water. The contractions started pretty heavily around this time, probably 12:30. I was breathing my way through them as best as I could. At 1:50ish, I decided for some reason that I needed to get up to go to the bathroom and this made my contractions even stronger. It took me all that I could to get back into the bed and yell at your Dad to "get the nurse in here NOW". The nurse came in, checked me out and said, "yep, you are going to have a baby". She pulls the emergency cord and says "get in here now, I have no one" and in flies about 4 nurses with the look of panic written all over their faces. As I am pushing, they are saying "don't push, don't push, breathe..." This doesn't work for a number of reasons, 1) being that your head was coming out and 2) there is no stopping and taking a breather at this point. The DR. zings in just in time to put her purse down and throw on some gloves and I was home free at this point. She was the first to say "okay, go ahead and give me a couple good pushes" and then boom, at 2:08 you were out! With a cord wrapped around your neck and your little body blue, you were whisked away to get a little oxygen and plopped over to us as healthy as a horse and as beautiful as an angel. Weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20 and 3/4 long.

Here were some of my favorite parts you and of your birth:

1) I did it all drug free. I can boast about this because this is my blog and that is what I do on here. When the time comes for you to give birth, please remember that your mother gave birth to you without the drugs and conquered. It brings such a sense of accomplishment and "feeling" that you can't find anywhere else.

2) You were really nice to me during the whole pregnancy and birth. I couldn't have asked for an easier pregnancy. No breakouts (okay on my back), no sickness, really no pain or problems. I felt pretty good despite all the complaining (I think that is standard).

3) The reward of having a girl is different that having a boy. With you, I get to call you things like "girlfriend", "sista", "sweetie" and "pumpkin". With a boy, I am limited to "buddy". Even though I have used "pumpkin" for your brother at times.

4) The look of pride and happiness that I get to see in your Daddy's face when you were born is priceless. I can't describe how proud he is and how eternally happy and grateful he is. I have only witnessed that look twice in my life. Once when your brother was born and then again when you were born.

5) Girl clothes. Need I say more.

6) You are such a good little sleeper and really don't have many complaints as of yet. I guess you are only a week old and that is bound to change daily I suppose.

7) The feeling I have about my family is none that I have experienced until you came into our lives. I am so extremely happy and proud of my family.

2 tidbits of your thoughts: said...

Whew! When do we get to meet her in person? (I talked to Cindy King yesterday and we both want to get a peek!)

Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

This is your best blog post EVER. You've done such a wonderful job with Henry and now Miss Julia.