Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Henry!!!!

Happy NUMBER 2 little boy!!!

I am so happy that you are here in this world with Mommy and Daddy and all of the rest of your family and friends that delight in your presence! You are such a fun and nice little boy. God couldn't have blessed us with a more beautiful child than you. You will be a great big brother to your new sibling and I know how helpful you will be to Mommy when she needs you.

Highlights of your 2nd Year of Life:

Walking-I think this was around 14 months when you really started groovin'

-Tanta (Santa) was one of your first words. Daddy, Mommy, Milk, Juice, Damon, Papa.
You really started speaking well right around Christmas time. You were about 18 months.

-You run real fast. Fast Fast.

down the stairs in a less worriesome way for Mommy and Daddy.

in a BIG BOY bed! We moved you over when you were 20 months.

very independently inside and outside. You LOVE LOVE LOVE being outside. Especially when you get to wear your Yankee's hat (whas up?)
Dancing. Oh yeah, you can move man. Dancing to the "Super Why" song is the funniest to watch.

Eating. Although we struggle with eating 3.5 out of 7 days of the week, you do a pretty good job and even though you think most stuff is "nassy", you still manage to chow down on something. Especially on yogurt and fruit snacks.

Here's to you Henry MacArthur Bright. My favorite little 2 year old in the world. You rock!!

We love you! Mommy and Daddy

2 tidbits of your thoughts:

Grandma and Papa Wirth said...

What a great birthday you had, and I'm so happy that Grandpa and Grandma Wirth were able to be with you. What a nice little boy you were,unwrapping each gift and enjoying it before you went to the next. You were so humbled, wondering all the time is this really for me? Well, you deserved it and so much more. Your Mommy and Daddy have done a great job raising you, not with material possessions, but with a wealth of love and compassion. May you be blessed knowing how much we all love you and you will be forever "special" in our lives. Happy Birthday Henry McArthur Bright!!!!

Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

I'd like to add "awesome" and "oh man" to the list. Thanks for having us over Friday. We had a great time!