Tuesday, May 5, 2009


While I have been sewing quite a bit and trying to lay low around here, I have not abandoned my mothering duties to Henry. Yes, you would ask him and he would probably say that he is jilted on many things like, going outside whenever he sees fit, not being able to push his car down the driveway, not being able to have a treat and instead gets a cheese stick. These are just few examples of how hard it is to be an almost 2 year old.

Here are some pictures from our recent zoo visit. This was Henry's first zoo visit and he seemed to enjoy it but not so much the "exhibit" animals but the little sparrows flying around and the squirrels that were running a muck. The train ride at the end was very dramatic and TRAUMATIC. He liked looking at the train when it went by but the minute we boarded, all hell broke loose and he screamed his head off until the train departed. I felt like a horrible parent keeping him on there but I sure as hell wasn't going to let my $10 go to waste and I knew (because mothers know best) that Henry would enjoy his pea pickin' heart once the train started going.

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